Lake Hills HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 by Walter Stephens

Lake Hills Home Owners Association Annual Meeting
February 25, 2020
The Warehouse facility at First Baptist Church

There were about 40 homeowners in attendance.

Items of Discussion:

Introduction/welcome by Rob Brass, president.

Financial review and 2020 budget discussion by Rob Dunn:
115 of 152 homeowners paid membership dues in 2019;
A profit/loss statement was handed out and discussed and a 2020 budget;
LHHA met its bottom-line budget in 2019;
revenue was slightly lower than budgeted, but expenses were also lower;
Landscaping, electricity and insurance are our largest expenses;
Assets centered in cash;
Previous dredging history;
Clarification of membership dues ($100.00, $125.00, and $150.00);
Fish stocking and feeding program;
Water testing / water safety: Joe Robinson will have the water tested.

Smaller lake overflowing through properties on Redbud:
Two places (#4 and #16);
Rob Brass mentioned forming a committee: Motioned passed, but an understanding of the issue is needed to determine if it is under HOA jurisdiction. Volunteers asked to meet with Rob Brass and Joe Robinson after the meeting has concluded.

Legal expenses incurred by board member addressed by Rob Brass.

Review of lake rules by Rob Brass:
Challenges of enforcement;
Use and monitoring of beach area cameras;
A suggestion was made to have annual lake use stickers which have lot numbers on them.

Vote for open positions:
Joe Robinson – nominated for president to replace Rob Brass who did not wish to run for re-election; No additional nominations were made so Joe Robinson is our new president;
Nominations for open board positions (at-large) to fill Joe Robinson’s vacated position and the position held by Joe Griffin, who resigned: Michael Jackson, Warren Walls, Adam Greene; Nominations were closed; All three nominees were accepted as at-large members.

Brief discussion of previous lake dredging, including extreme expense of work.

Discussion of new street lights (LED) being offered by Georgia Power:
Some streetlights are on private property;
11 lights are controlled by LHHOA;
New LEDs are much brighter than the incandescent bulbs currently installed;
A shade may be available from Georgia Power if the lights are obtrusive;
There are three fee schedules, based on the power of the lights;
Joe Robinson will restrict the change to new lighting if the affected homeowners wish.

Joe Robinson discussed roadway repairs around the dam and at the main entrance to Lake Hills.

A homeowner requested that the board member’s contact information be made available on the website.

Meeting adjourned.


Lake Hills
Homeowners Association

Current Board Members

Joe Robinson

Vice President
Mitch Headley

John Kemp

Rob Dunn

Lee Davenport
Rob Davis
Hunter Edwards
Alicia French
Preston Fulmer
Preston Fulmer Jr.
Adam Greene
Michael Jackson
Eric Lambert
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Warren Walls

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